Untouched Elegance Under Snow Covered Glacial Peaks

Fall is Here

Fall has come, the snow is creeping down the mountains and all of the summer festivities seem very far away… but in the wake summers conclusions come ideas for the season ahead! You may be thinking that summer is our game but winter is really our

time to shine! Imagine laughing with your friends and family soaking in the wintery warmth of a wood burning fire place while the snow gently falls

outside layering the mountains with fresh powder for tomorrows boarding, skiing and sledding. Our location is perfect for front door heli pick up with access to an endless supply of untouched slopes. We are also a minutes away from the Rutherford Creek, Miller Ridge and the Hurley which is a sledders

paradise! Winter is also the perfect opportunity to utilize our custom built sauna, the perfect place to prepare your tired muscles to do it all again tomorrow!

For those less inclined to reek havoc on our local terrain, Pemberton offers over 20 km of groomed cross country ski track and riverside snowshoeing. Pack a picnic and a bottle of wine and enjoy the tranquil silence of a snow covered day in the beautiful valley. Don’t worry your tipsy muscles are just as entitled to a seat in the sauna as your more hardcore friends!

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