Untouched Elegance Under Snow Covered Glacial Peaks

Spring Time

It seems that the time has finally come to exhale after the long winter, and my what a sweet relief it is! Spring is here and so is all of the planting and trimming and

weeding and mowing. Most exciting of all is the beginning of our latest addition to the resort, tipi’s! I don’t want to terrify any of our lovely brides (because these tipi’s are going to be absolutely amazing) but we are just coming to realize the humungous endeavour that these tipi’s are turning out to be. While its a large task its also a unique one, and as many of our guests live elsewhere we’ve decided

to document the journey and share it with you here! These beginning steps have included, finding poles (seventeen per tipi for five tipi’s!) peeling the bark off of every eighteen foot pole and finally erecting our very first one!

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